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Green Lantern


Below are various facts about Green Lantern. Did you know...

Green Lanterns

  • The unsuccessful pilot for a live-action Justice League of America television series in 1997 included Matthew Settle as Guy Gardner, although the pilot's Green Lantern used only the name and costume of the comic-book Gardner. In personality and appearance, he more closely resembled Hal Jordan. He wore a mask similar to the one Kyle Rayner wore as a part of his original costume. His ring closely resembled that of Alan Scott. However, this ring didn't bestow the power of flight upon its wearer -- instead, Gardner flew by using the ring to generate a helicopter rotor.
  • The animated series Duck Dodgers has an episode in which a mixup at the dry cleaners results in Dodgers (AKA Daffy Duck) getting Hal Jordan's outfit -- and ring. The episode includes appearances by many well-known members of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan himself shows up at the episode's finale, voiced by film director Kevin Smith, a friend of producer Paul Dini, who co-wrote the episode.
  • Other DC Superheroes who have wielded the GL Ring and/or powers temporarily include Superman (Action 642), Nightwing (Action 642), Green Arrow (GL:Rebirth 4) and Zatanna (Green Lantern (v2) 42, Green Lantern 80-Page Giant 2).
  • DC Superheroes who have filled the role in DC's Elseworlds or other alternate universes include Clark Kent (Superman: Last Son of Earth), Bruce Wayne (In Darkest Knight), Barbara Gordon (JLA: Created Equal) Uncle Sam (Superman/Batman 15), and Barda Free in JLA: Another Nail.
  • In the Elseworlds publication Kingdom Come, Green Lantern (Alan Scott) is depicted wearing a suit apparently made of the same material as his power battery, and his description in the apocrypha is as follows: "Merging his lantern into himself, he is the most powerful champion of that name." Scott is also depicted as being at a UN meeting as ambassador of "New Oa".

Kyle Rayner

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