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Green Lantern

Time Line

The History of Green Lantern

The Book of Oa


10 Billion Years Ago

The Oan race begins on the planet Maltus. A group of Maltusians with superior intellect and mental powers emigrate to Oa, a planet in the center of the known universe.

4 Billion Four-Hundred Thousand Years Ago

The Oan Krona, seeking forbidden knowledge, releases entropy into the universe and creates the multiverse, including the antimatter unverse of Qward.

To atone for Krona's crime and restore order, the Oans become the Guardians of the Universe.

The Guardians trap all random magic into a Starheart.

3 Billion Years Ago

The Guardians create android Manhunters as a universal policing force. The Project is abandoned when the Manhunters prove unreliable.

The Guardians recruit sentient beings and launch the Green Lantern Corps, armed first with ray guns charged by batteries. Eventually, they award the Corps miraculous power rings, driven by the wearer's will. The universe is divided into 3600 individually patrolled sectors. Earth is sector 2814.


Alan Scott discovers a portionn of the Starheart and becomes Green Lantern, and later a founding member of the Justice Society of America(1940) and the wartime All-Star Squadron(1942).


The Justice Society disbands. Alan Scott retires from crimefighting.

10 Years Ago

The dying Green Lantern Abin Sur entrusts his ring and custodianship of space sector 2814 to Earthman Hal Jordan.

The Justice League of America forms to thwart the Weapons Master. Green Lantern is among it's membership.

Renegade Green Lantern Sinestro is stripped of his power ring and banished to Qward. He Later returns to battle the Corps and Jordan armed with a yellow power ring.

The Justice Society re-forms, Green Lantern Alan Scott is in it's ranks.

Hal Jordan's employer and girlfriend Carol Ferris, possessed by a Zamaron gem, becomes the villianess Star Sapphire.

7 Years Ago

John Stewart is chosen as replacement Green Lantern for Hal Jordan after the other alternate, Guy Gardner, is injured.

Hal Jordan, Green Arrow Oliver Queen, and the guardian "Old-Timer" journey across America.

5 Years Ago

Hal Jordan exiled into space by the Guardians in order to fully police the whole of space sector 2814.

John Stewart is awarded complete Corps status as Green Lantern of Earth.

4 Years Ago

Guy Gardner emerges from a coma and is reactivated as a Green Lantern by a divergent faction of the Guardians.

The Anti-Monitor leads hordes of Shadow Demons from the anti-matter universe of Qward to destroy all reality in the Crisis.

Alan Scott and the Justice Society are trapped in limbo.

John Stewart joins a cadre of heroes in a cosmic odyssey to thwart Darkseid.Stewart's overconfidence allows the planet Xanshi to be destroyed.

3 Years Ago

The Manhunters rise from hiding to destroy all sentient life, but Earth's heroes stop them.

The Green Lantern Corps disbands. The Guardians leave the Material Plane to perpetuate their species.

2 Years Ago

The insane "Old-Timer" transports various communities and species to Oa. After the Old-Timer's defeat, John Stewart takes charge of this "Mosaic".

The Guardians return from their wanderings.

The Green Lantern Corps is reinstated. A charge is made to induct new members led by Hal Jordan, who later claims the power ring and control of space sector 2814 fromm Guy Gardner.

Alan Scott and the Justice Society return from limbo.

1 Year Ago

Hal Jordan's home of Coast City is destroyed by Mongul and the Cyborg Superman.

Wanting to resurrect Coast City, Hal Jordan Defies the Guardians, who send the Green Lantern Corps against him. Hal defeats the Corps and absorbs the energy of the Central Power Battery on Oa.

Sinestro is Killed.

Hal Jordan, now Parallax, attempts to remake reality during "Zero Hour". Alan Scott loses power ring and is made younger. The energies of the Starheart now a part of him, Scott is renamed Sentinel.

Kyle Rayner is awarded the last power ring by the sole surviving Guardian, Ganthet.

Guy Gardner manifests latent alien Vuldarian DNA and is tranformed into Warrior.

John Stewart joins the Darkstars, assumes leadership for a time and returns the Mosaic peoples to their home planets.

Six Months Ago

Kyle Rayner is briefly a member of the New Titans.

Kyle destroys Oa to thwart Hal Jordan's quest for even greater power as Parallax.


Kyle joins the newly formed JLA.

John Stewart's days as a Darkstar end when he is crippled. He is later healed by Hal Jordan.

Hal Jordansacrifices himself during the "Final Night", re-igniting Earth's sun and redeeming himself as a hero.

30th Century

Propelled into the future, Kyle Rayner encounters an evil Green Lantern Corps. Kyle's ring is temporailily given to Cary Wren, his own descendant.

58th Century

An amnesiac Hal Jordan is periodically transported to the future, where he assumes the identity of Solar Director Pol Manning to protect the Earth.

The information above was taken from New Oa:

Green Lantern