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Green Lantern

Jack T. Chance

Jack T. Chance

HOMEWORLD: Garnet (aka Hellhole)

SECTOR: unknown

(Summer, 1992)
"Layin' Down the Law"

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Male Humanoid, blue skin, blue hair, red eyes.



Green Lantern Pathavim Seth-Ottarak was sent to clean up the planet Garnet (known as Hellhole to its' inhabitants), one of the worst criminal worlds in the cosmos. He was quickly killed by one of Hellhole's more famous citizens, Trosk, a self appointed anti-lawman. As the final duty of a Green Lantern, Pathavim Seth-Ottarak willed his ring to find a worthy replacement.

The ring found an unlikely successor in Jack T. Chance, who proved to be one of the few Green Lanterns capable of surviving on Hellhole. The power ring explained to Chance its' capabilities and his new duties as a Green Lantern. The ring clothed Chance in the uniform of the Corps. Chance rejected the notion of a uniform, and made a badge on his lapel instead.

Jack T. Chance took to his duties without delay. He made his presence as the law on Hellhole. He also made a lot of enemies. Eventually, he caught the attention of Trosk.

In a showdown with Trosk, the power ring was ineffective against Trosk's gold bullets. Furthermore, the ring's parameters refused to take another sentient's life. With Trosk inches away from killing him, Chance went back to the old ways. He used a gun.

As a result of his actions, Chance was summoned to Oa for discipline by the Guardians of the Universe. While recognizing Chance had killed Trosk in self-defense, they also believed the situation leading up to it could have been avoided. The Guardians decided his punishment would include rigorous training, followed by a long probation period, before being allowed to continue as a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

This was unacceptable to Chance, who gave them back their ring. The Guardians and Chance soon came to a compromise. Realizing Jack T Chance may be their only alternative in order to clean up the sector, the Guardians gave him the ring. He was confined to the one sector, and subject to periodic reviews of his use of power.
[GLCQ # 1]

Sometime later, Lobo came to Hellhole, on a mission from L.E.G.I.O.N. to apprehend Augusta Calf. Being on Hellhole meant Lobo would have to go through the planet's Green Lantern, Jack T. Chance.

The two quickly got into a brawl. Chance was easily beating Lobo with the power ring. Unfortunately, Lobo realized the ring's weakness against yellow and covered himself in the yellow blood of a less fortunate citizen of Hellhole. Knowing he would be beaten, Chance ordered his ring not to forget anything important when the ring would put him back together.

Lobo had indeed won the fight. Ready to leave Hellhole, he realized he could now get a power ring: Jack T. Chance's. Since the ring would not come off of Chance's finger, Lobo broke off Chance's finger. Lobo had planned to use the ring to get revenge against Vril Dox II, and Apokolips, but the ring told him it would not work off Garnet, due to the Guardians' deal with Jack T. Chance.

Lobo threw the ring and the finger away.

After Lobo had left, the ring (and the finger) crawled back and reattached itself to the rightful owner.
[GLCQ # 8]

Chance was later summoned by the Guardians to stop Hal Jordan from reaching Oa. While he did manage to surprise Jordan, he was no match for the veteran Green Lantern's experience.
[GL3 # 49]

Jack T. Chance's current condition is unknown.

Green Lantern