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Green Lantern



HOMEWORLD: Bolovax Vik


GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 201
(June, 1986)
"Setting Up Shop"

Large male humanoid.
Height: 8' 3"
Weight: 620 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: none

KNOWN RELATIVES: unnamed mate (deceased)


Located in Space Sector 674, the planet Bolovax Vik was populated by a sentient race of approximately sixteen billion humanoids. The natives, known as Bolovax, could join their minds in a collective called the "mass mind". The technologically advanced race exhibited a surprising simplicity in their political and social structures. All of Bolovax was united under one central government which resembled Earth socialism.

For as long as they could remember, Bolovax Vik had been homeworld for Sector 674's Green Lanterns. When the death of Green Lantern Branwilla was announced, the Bolovax formed a mass mind to choose his successor. Kilowog's background in genetics research made him ideal for meeting other races and so he was chosen. He knew the role of Green Lantern was an honor, but it meant leaving his mate. Although he would remain a Bolovax, he would be cut off from the mass. Like all Bolovax, Kilowog would follow the wishes of the mass mind.
[GL2 # 218-219]

Kilowog enjoyed the regimentation of the Green Lantern Corps. He would go on to be one of the Corps best recruiters and trainers. One of his many students was Hal Jordan of Earth.

Jordan had been the successor of Abin Sur of Ungara, who had been killed by the creature known as Legion. Jordan was brought to Oa by Tomar-Re of Xudar in response to a Corps-wide alert regarding the Legion threat. While waiting for the Guardians of the Universe to come out of their meditations, Kilowog trained the young Green Lantern from Earth. Jordan's mastery of flight as a pilot on Earth did little to impress his Bolovax trainer. He put the rookie through challenging lessons designed to increase his ability and confidence with the power ring.
[GLED # 1-4]

At the start of the second week of Jordan's training, Oa was attacked by Legion. The members of the Corps banded together utilizing their finely honed combat maneuvers, but to no avail. Kilowog faced off against the formidable enemy but was beaten back. Khen-To and Squagga fought valiently, but eventually joined Abin Sur in the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps.

The Legion creature breached the Guardians inner sanctum before being dragged away by Jordan. He covered the golden creature with a coating of mud. Jordan was now able to strike the Legion creature directly. He peeled the armor away and a protoplasmic creature emerged, oozing into the Oan swampland. The Legion creature was now able to siphon the power of Oa. The creature grew tremendously, as it grew tentacles into the ground faster than the Green Lanterns could cut them.

It appeared the Guardians' planet would soon be overrun by the creature. Though this would be a setback to their plans, they planned to escape to the stars. The Green Lanterns were ordered to withdraw.

Jordan would not give up that easily. He flew into the Central Power Battery, an unprecedented feat. Bursting with power he unleashed the emerald energies against the globular creature, tearing it off of Oa. Kilowog was understandably proud of his student. The Guardians sent the Green Lanterns to bring Legion back to its' homeworld.
[GLED # 5-6]

Following the defeat of Legion, Kilowog was assigned to recruit Green Lanterns to replace the seven dead. The more intensive aspects of Hal Jordan's training would be continued by Sinestro of Korugar. The Green Lantern of Korugar was a model for all to follow, his sector the most orderly in the universe.

Unknown to the Corps or the Guardians, Sinestro had ruled his homeworld with an iron fist. Led by Katma Tui, a young dissident, the people of Korugar sought arms from the Khunds and were soon in open revolt. An investigation led by Tomar-Re and Tomy Fai found the Green Lantern had far exceeded his mandate as a bringer of order. Sinestro and his student became fugitives, tracked and captured on Earth by The Fists of The Guardians.

Kilowog knew Hal Jordan had not been at fault in the Korugar incident. The trial of a Green Lantern on such serious charges greatly disturbed the Bolovax. Sinestro was found guilty, stripped of his power ring and rank, and sentenced to the Anti-Matter Universe of Qward. As he dissipated between universes, the Korugarian swore to bring chaos on his return. Tomar-Re recommended Katma Tui as the new Green Lantern of Korugar. Kilowog would have yet another trainee.
[GLED2 # 1-6]

Years later, Kilowog served with the Green Lantern Corps fighting against the machinations of Nekron, Lord of the Unliving and his minion, Krona, the renegade Guardian. Many Green Lanterns were killed in the battle with Krona’s army of the undead, yet still the Corps was once again victorious. It can be assumed the Guardians called upon Kilowog's training skills once again.
[TGLC # 1-3]

Eventually, Kilowog's duties led him back to his homeworld, rejoining the mass-mind of his people. During the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths, Bolovax Vik was destroyed by waves upon waves of antimatter. Instantaneously reacting to protect the Green Lantern from mortal danger, Kilowog's power ring spared him from the destruction of his homeworld. Kilowog's link with the mass-mind was so strong that the power ring attempted to save the rest of the population of Bolovax Vik. Unfortunately, sixteen billion Bolovax was too much for even a power ring. Kilowog's people were saved as energy patterns within the ring. They would remain in this state for many months.
[GL2 # 218-219]

When the Crisis had passed, the Guardians announced they were leaving our plane of existence with their mates, the Zamarons. The Guardians abolished the sectoring of space, allowing the Green Lantern Corps individual autonomy. The Guardians assigned John Stewart and Hal Jordan to Earth, which would be the birthplace of the next race of immortals. This appealed to Kilowog's background as a genetics scientist, so he decided to join the other Green Lanterns who would be stationed there. Kilowog may have had another reason for going, as he was in love with Arisia of Graxos IV.
[GL2 # 200]

As a member of the Green Lantern Corps of Earth, Kilowog was among Hal Jordan and John Stewart, Arisia, and Katma Tui. They would later add Salakk of Slyggia and Ch'p of H'lven to their ranks. To differentiate the seven Green Lanterns, Arisia redesigned their Green Lantern uniforms to reflect their personalities.
[GL2 # 201]

Kilowog was thrust into the spotlight during a fight with Black Hand, one of Hal Jordan's old enemies. It was Kilowog's superior strength rather than reliance on the emerald energies of his power ring that had saved hundreds of fans in Los Angeles' Angel Stadium. Media scrutiny and the complexities of American life confused the simple alien. Kilowog and the Green Lantern Corps had managed to get on the wrong side of Tawny Young, a reporter who harassed the Corps to further her career.

On far off Maltus, Guy Gardner had escaped his "captors" the Guardian Appa Ali Apsa and Green Lantern Honor Guard members K'ryssma of Etrea and Apros of -7Pi. Gardner returned to Earth, attempting to place himself in charge of the Green Lantern Corps of Earth. K'ryssma and Apros soon apprehended the rogue Green Lantern. Appa Ali Apsa planned to take back Gardner's ring when Hal Jordan intervened. Jordan argued that Gardner would better learn how to readjust to society on his homeworld, Earth. Although the other Corps members agreed, Kilowog strongly opposed allowing Gardner to remain on Earth, much less wield a power ring. Appa Ali Apsa decided to follow Jordan's proposal. Kilowog stormed off in disgust.

Unknown to Kilowog, someone else was watching his battle with Black Hand. He was approached by an agent of the Soviet government who invited the Green Lantern to see the superior communist system in the U.S.S.R. While there, Kilowog lent his expertise in genetics and advanced technology to help create the Soviets' Rocket Red Brigade. He became fast friends with Josef Denisovich, the first surviving subject of the forced evolution experiments. The Rocket Red Brigade would be comprised of genetically enhanced soldiers with five times the strength of regular humans. Their armor's weapons systems included superheated plasma blasts, flight and a cybernetic link allowing interface and control of computers or electronic devices.

Katma Tui and John Stewart visited the Soviet Union to see if Kilowog was there under his own volition. Although the Soviet leaders had welcomed the Green Lanterns, they had planned to eliminate them. Katma and Stewart were ambushed and captured by members of the Rocket Red Brigade. Perhaps more important, Guy Gardner had come to the U.S.S.R. looking for the Green Lanterns and almost started World War Three in the process. During Kilowog's battle with Gardner, he learned of the Soviet plans to liquidate the two Green Lanterns.

Kilowog realized the Soviets were only using him. Facing the General Secretary, Kilowog was warned off by Josef who was wearing the Rocket Red armor. The Soviet leader ordered the first Rocket Red to kill the Green Lantern. The multiple use of his force beams against Kilowog was killing Josef. Despite Kilowog's pleas of friendship, the Rocket Red's first duty was to his motherland. As the Rocket Red weakened, the fight became hand-to-hand combat. Nearing the end of their struggle, the Green Lantern threw his armored friend off of him. Josef Denisovich would never breath again.

The death of his Soviet friend weighed heavily on Kilowog. Despite his disappointment in the Soviet Union, Kilowog still he sought out governments similar to Bolovax Vik. He visited Nicaragua but was attacked by the opposing forces there.
[GL2 # 208-210]

In outer space, the Green Lanterns found Superman while searching for a new homeworld for a species of intelligent soil worms from space sector 327-B. The Therils' homeworld had been destroyed in the Crisis, and Kilowog was heavily involved in developing an environment for the creatures. The Corps helped Superman repel a planetoid on a collision course with Earth and used the small world as a new home for the Therils.
[Act # 589]

The next few weeks did not go well for the Earth Corps. Following the departure of Green Lanterns Ch'p and Salakk, the remaining Green Lanterns of Earth decided to search the stars for other Green Lanterns to join their group. Jordan elected to stay on Earth to work at his job as a test pilot.

The Green Lanterns' rings detected three other rings coming towards them. Encouraged, they rushed to meet their fellow ring wielders. The three they met were members of the Green Lantern Corps of The Klyminade. Their Corps had been decimated by Sinestro and his ally Mad God Sector 3600.

The survivors, Flodo Span, Olapet, and Driq had vowed to defeat Sinestro and had been travelling to Earth to warn Hal Jordan, Sinestro's ultimate target.
[GL2 # 217]

The Green Lanterns were soon under attack by Sinestro and surprisingly defeated him. The sentient sector 3600 plunged the Green Lanterns through a black hole, depositing them in the remains of Space Sector 872.

They were attacked out of nowhere, and returning fire, discovered a Class-IV planet. Lured down to the surface they confronted a group of five creatures capable of altering themselves and surrounding objects invisible. The five claimed to have destroyed all life in their galaxy, including the two member Green Lantern Corps of Sector 872. With their defense they were theoretically invincible against the green energy of a power ring.

The Green Lanterns were attacked once again, as their surroundings faded out. John Stewart used his ring to attack his foes on sub atomic levels. He created a prison from which would trap their attackers forever.

Kilowog planned to use the uninhabited planet to create a new homeworld for the people of Bolovax Vik. His friends in the Corps helped reform the world to conditions similar to Bolovax Vik. It was now safe for Kilowog to release the "souls" of Bolovax Vik's 16 billion inhabitants from his power ring. Appearing in a wraithlike state, the people of Bolovax hailed Kilowog as a hero. Now Kilowog could go about creating new bodies for his people. The celebration was short lived as Sinestro, working with Sector 3600, obliterated the planet. Kilowog could not save his people a second time, as they were irrevocably destroyed.
[GL2 # 218]

The shock of losing his people again threw Kilowog into a state of uncontrollable rage. Once again under siege by Sinestro and the sentient sector, the Green Lanterns could not afford any distractions. Arisia entered his mind, trying to assuage his feelings of loss. She learned of Kilowog's youth and the pain he felt leaving the mass for the Green Lantern Corps. Arisia offered Kilowog's friends in the Corps as the mass he had lost. She was unprepared to learn of Kilowog's true feelings for her. Arisia did not feel the same towards her friend, as she was in love with Hal Jordan. The two agreed they would never tell the others about Kilowog's feelings.
[GL2 # 219]

The Green Lanterns defeated Sinestro and the MadGod Sector 3600, and imprisoned the Korugarian on the Earth's moon. They would deal with Sinestro after the events of Millennium. A number of humans from across Earth, called the Chosen, had been selected by Guardian Herupa Hando Hu and Zamaron Nadia Safir to take the next step in evolution. The Los Angeles Green Lantern Citadel was used as the site for the teaching of the Chosen.
[GL2 # 220, MIL # 1]

Arisia kept a close eye on her Bolovax friend throughout the cosmic event. Thinking he was alone, Kilowog snuck off to the moon to take revenge against Sinestro. The evil ex-Green Lantern goaded him on, but Kilowog was stopped by Arisia. He had almost killed his enemy, but he did not have the stomach for murder. Sinestro would be taken for trial on Oa.
[GL2 # 220]

Returning to the Citadel, the Bolovax Green Lantern assisted Mister Miracle in freeing Janwillem Kroef, one of the Chosen, from a Grillian mind probe which the hero of New Genesis mistakenly believed was a Manhunter weapon. Kilowog simply pressed the release switch, much to the amusement of Blue Beetle.
[JLA2 # 10]

Arisia and Kilowog accompanied Gregorio de la Vega to the Earth's moon to check on Sinestro, then to a baseball game in Peru. The game was interrupted by a rain of fire which the Green Lanterns traced to the evil wizard Myrwhydden. The actions of Myrwhydden were orchestrated by Sinestro in a joint attempt to free each other from their respective imprisonments. Kilowog was tempted to kill Sinestro but the Green Lanterns' enemy was subdued by one of the Chosen.
[GL2 # 221]

Sinestro's day of judgement had arrived. The Green Lantern Corps gathered on Oa for the first time since the end of the Crisis. Curiously, a quick scan of the Citadel by Kilowog showed there were one hundred thirty-seven fewer Green Lanterns since that last meeting, including Ch'p, Salakk, and Charlie Vicker.

Each Green Lantern had charges to level against Sinestro. The villain had unleashed the power of a galaxy against the Corps. Sinestro's guilt was not in doubt, he freely admitted his actions. The question remained, what would be his punishment. Each time Sinestro had escaped imprisonment his evil and power grew. A more permanent solution was needed. A decision regarding Sinestro's life or death was to be made. Appa Ali Apsa would preside over the trial of the renegade. Kilowog would be prosecutor and Katma Tui, noted for her integrity, would defend.

Despite Sinestro's heinous actions, Green Lantern Skirl spoke on behalf of life. He argued Sinestro must be a part of a larger plan and that the Corps had no right to oppose that plan.

Appa Ali Apsa called the Corps to a vote. Beaming their wills into the Central Power Battery, the verdict was death. Sinestro did not believe the Green Lanterns would carry out the decision. As the Corps gathered to render final judgement, Sinestro appeared to panic. He offered the Corps a secret that even Appa Ali Apsa did not know. It was too late for Sinestro, the will of the Green Lantern Corps would be done. In a glow of emerald power, Sinestro's life was stripped away from him.

The arrival of Salakk from the 58th Century came too late. He had tried to warn the Corps of the disastrous results should they execute Sinestro.
[GL2 # 222]

The evil ex-Green Lantern had escaped again. He had transferred his consciousness into the nearby Central Power Battery, causing its collapse. The power rings of the assembled Green Lanterns were absorbed back into the battery. It was only the actions of Hal Jordan, Flodo Span, and Appa Ali Apsa that halted the battery's final collapse. Flodo Span died in the attempt and Appa Ali Apsa found his Guardian powers returned to him. Of the assembled members of the Corps, only Hal Jordan's power ring remained.
[GL2 # 223-224]

The Corps disbanded, the powerless Green Lanterns spread through the universe. Jordan, Katma Tui, Stewart, Arisia, and Kilowog returned to Earth. Kilowog asked to be dropped off in the People's Republic of China where he had hoped to live in peace. Katma Tui was killed by Star Sapphire shortly after their return.
[GL2 # 224, Act # 601-602]

During the Alien Alliance's invasion of Earth, Kilowog fought alongside the New Guardians (the Chosen). Following the Alliance's withdrawal, Kilowog moved back to the abandoned Green Lantern Citadel outside of Los Angeles. He lived alone, occasionally being visited by Arisia, and, strangely, kept Guy Gardner as a pen pal.
[NG # 4-8, 10-12, JLA2 # 33]

One day he was visited by Guy who, looking for some fun, got into a fight with Kilowog. Their wrestling trashed the Citadel. Guy lent Kilowog his power ring to repair the damage, and was so impressed with the alien's handywork he had the idea of having the ex-Green Lantern as a "fix-it" man for the Justice League. Even Maxwell Lord was impressed by the idea. Unfortunately, after the two had left the Citadel, Arisia stopped by for a visit. The 24 hour charge had worn out on the emerald energy that was holding the structure together. The Citadel collapsed, striking Arisia in the head, giving her temporary amnesia.
[JLA2 # 33]

Kilowog set straight to work repairing the Justice League's equipment. He improved the teleporters and security systems at various embassies around the globe. His work soon attracted the attention of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. The two Justice League entrepreneurs convinced Kilowog to build the ill-fated "Club JLI" on the island nation of Kooey Kooey Kooey.
[JLA2 # 34-35]

The former Green Lantern was a big hit with the Justice League. He assisted the European branch of the Justice League by constructing a medical device to save Power Girl's life. Kilowog divided his time between the growing number of Justice League embassies. It should be noted, Kilowog did take a liking to the Soviet embassy's liaison.
[JLE # 9]

While installing a power grid for the Paris embassy, Kilowog was visited by the British superhero, the Beefeater. The confused hero took Kilowog as an alien invader and broke the casing on the embassy's tachyon drive power supply. This caused the implosion of the Paris embassy and more embarrassment for the League.
[JLE # 20]

During a particularly boring day around the New York embassy, Kilowog approached G'nort to go out on the town. Upon learning of this, the Martian Manhunter decided was needed to chaperone the Justice League's two alien Green Lanterns during a night on the town. The alien trio was attacked by the temporarily mentally stable Black Hand while having dinner at Windows on the World in Manhattan. The Justice Leaguers were arrested for disorderly conduct.
[JLA2 # 51]

After getting out on bail, Kilowog went to England with the JLE. Members of the JLE were approached by the controlled hosts of Starro the Conqueror. The claimed the one time foe of the League was near death and required their aid. Kilowog helped the alien repair his ship to return home. Shortly after takeoff, the ship exploded, raining starfish all over London.
[JLE # 26]

Starro had control of the entire city. Now he planned to expand his power across the globe. With Kilowog's body as a test subject, Starro used the League's teleporter tubes to travel to the New York embassy. The trip burned out the starfish attached to the Bolovax' head. In London, Starro had claimed the Martian Manhunter as his host body.
[JLE # 27-28]

Freed of Starro's domination, Kilowog and the American branch of the League devised a plan to defeat Starro. They managed a sneak attack on Starro's main consciousness, teleporting Ice of JL America into the London embassy. She was able to strike at the Martian Manhunter before he could react. Covered in ice, Starro was defeated.
[JLE # 28]

With the return of the Guardians, Guy Gardner was made the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Kilowog would soon go back to Oa to rejoin the Green Lantern Corps. He was wearing his full dress uniform when Gardner came calling in his usual manner - a fight. Kilowog knew something was bothering Guy, his sparring partner was not up to his usual wisecracks. The Bolovax would not fight Gardner until they had a long talk.

Guy felt insecure regarding his assignment to Sector 2814. It wasn't as enjoyable as he thought it would be. Gardner was about to do the unthinkable - recommend G'nort for membership in the Green Lantern Corps.
[GL3 # 9, 13]

As the Green Lanterns stationed on Earth, Guy Gardner and Kilowog joined Superman and other heroes in the preemptive attack on Warworld. The planet sized fortress, once belonging to Mongul, had been taken over by Brainiac, and the might of many of Earth's defenders were needed to save the day.
[SMAN2 # 65-66, S:ADV # 488-489, Act # 675, S:MOS # 10]

The day came when Kilowog had to choose the Justice League or the Green Lantern Corps. When offered the duties of trainer, Kilowog chose the Corps.

The recruitment drive for the Corps was cut short by Star Sapphire. The Corps was severely tested by the battle, but the Zamaron queen was defeated. Jordan decided he wanted to take back his assignment as Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814.
[GL3 # 22-24]

Jordan and Gardner fought to decide who would be Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. Guy was forced out of the Corps. Though Kilowog congratulated Jordan for winning, he admitted he'd miss working with Guy.
[GL3 # 25]

Kilowog's newest students included Aa, Amanita, Boodikka, Kreon, and Tomar-Tu. The Bolovax trained the recruits in the use of the power ring and the responsibilities of the Corps. He told them stories of other Green Lanterns, both from his experiences and the great Book of Oa.
[GLCQ # 1, 3]

Following Amanita's "cosmic awareness," Kilowog led the Corps to Earth, to help in the fight against Eclipso. The Green Lanterns failed to free Hal Jordan from the God of Vengeance's control. The Corps returned to Oa.
[GLA # 1]

Kilowog temporarily reinstated Guy Gardner as a Green Lantern during Jordan's absence. Even with the might of the Justice League, the emerald ring was not enough.
[JLA2 ANN # 6]

The Bolovax ring wielder was recruited into a secret team to battle Eclipso while Gardner found power in the form of Sinestro's yellow ring. Where the Corps failed protecting Oa, Gardner proved himself by defeating the Qwardian invaders.
[GGR # 1-3]

Kilowog was assigned by the Guardians to retrieve the yellow power ring from Gardner. Scanning the ring, they discovered it was without power. Guy talked Kilowog into letting him keep the now useless power ring as a memento of another phase of his superhero career. After Kilowog's departure Guy learned the ring was still working.
[GG # 2]

Despite losing Aa of Stoneworld, the Corps was unified during the battle with Entropy. Kilowog was given a new trainee, Percival, a student of Guardian Ganthet. There had been many secrets surrounding the Guardians and the Corps, and the Oan masters agreed to share their secrets with the ring wielders.
[GL3 # 33-35]

It wasn't long before Kilowog's trainees were ready to recruit other Green Lanterns. Brik and Percival brought candidates such as Breeon, Reemuz, and Umitu.
[GLCQ # 4]

During training with Kilowog, the newest Green Lanterns mistakenly took an unidentified starship's approach for an attack on Oa. They were unable to stop the ship due to it's yellow hull.

The mystery craft was not attacking, it was badly damaged and would crash on Oa. Pilgrim One, piloted by the Daxamite hero Valor, was bringing Alia, an injured Green Lantern, to Oa for medical treatment.

The four Green Lanterns had to move aside to let Valor use his Daxamite strength to land the ship. To make amends, Kilowog repaired Pilgrim One, totally overhauling the sentient starcraft.
[VALOR # 11]

On Maltus, fighting against The Triarch, Green Lantern Hal Jordan came under attack from the Darkstars and L.E.G.I.O.N. Kilowog led members of the Green Lantern Corps to their comrade's aid.
[GL3 # 45, DSTAR # 11-12, TRI # 2]

Negotiations after the battle included the return of the Mosaic Cities on Oa to their respective homeworlds. Kilowog worked with Jordan, Gardner, and members of the Justice League to protect the cities during the repatriation.
[TRI # 2, GLM # 16-18]

Kilowog's final mission was against his friend. Hal Jordan was in route to Oa to take the power of the Central Battery. Many Green Lanterns were dispatched to stop Jordan, but they could not.

The Bolovax did not want to fight his friend but his loyalty remained with the Guardians and the Corps. Despite all his years experience, Kilowog was no match for his former student. Jordan took his power ring and advanced on the Citadel. The Guardians had once last defender. They had revived Sinestro.
[GL3 # 49]

Even the Korugarian could not stop Jordan. His former student killed him with his bare hands. Jordan stepped towards the battery, only to be struck by Kilowog.

Despite impassioned pleas to turn back, Jordan was set on his course of destruction. Were it not for Hal's power ring, Kilowog would have succeeded. Instead, he was incinerated by his friend. Jordan entered the battery unopposed. The Corps and the Guardians were destroyed.
[GL3 # 50]

Gardner and the heroes of Earth learned of Kilowog's death during a mission to Oa. They found their friend's skeletal remains in the sand surrounding the shattered Central Power Battery. A brief but futile battle ensued between Gardner's group and Jordan, now calling himself Parallax.
[GG # 20-21]

Kilowog's remains were destroyed along with the very planet during a fight between Jordan and Kyle Rayner. The newest ring wielder detonated Oa to sever Jordan's connection to the power.
[GL3 # 0]

Gardner honored Kilowog in his new bar, Warriors. The New York City establishment featured a life size statue of the late Green Lantern along with memorabilia of the Green Lantern Corps.
[GG # 29-30, GLA # 4]

Kilowog returned to visit Guy Gardner through the powers of Neron. The malevolent devil sought to gain the souls of a number of Earth's superhumans.

Neron tempted Guy Gardner with the return of Ice, Kilowog, and Coast City if he would kill former Green Lantern John Stewart, now director of the Darkstars. Gardner refused.

If this was the actual soul of Kilowog or just a vision to tempt Gardner, has yet to be determined.
[GG # 37]

Green Lantern