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Green Lantern

Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire

Carol Ferris (GL2 # 16)
Dela Pharon (GL2 # 41)
Remoni-Notra a.k.a. Camille a.k.a. Debbie Darnell (SSOSV # 1)

BASE OF OPERATIONS: planet Zamaron, Space Sector 2813, now mobile

GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 16
(October, 1962)
"The Secret Life of Star Sapphire!"

Human female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 126 lbs.

KNOWN RELATIVES: depends on "host"


The Star Sapphire is the chosen queen of the Zamarons, an immortal race of females descended from the planet Maltus. By tradition, the Queen of the Zamarons was always a mortal and each successive queen would be an exact duplicate in appearance. The reason why the Zamarons would appoint a mortal outsider as their queen remains a mystery. Though the Star Sapphire is led to believe she leads the Zamarons, it is only at their whim.
[GL2 # 16, GL2 # 200]

A frequent enemy of the Green Lantern Corps, the true origin of Star Sapphire remains shrouded in legend. It is known that her "royal lineage" extends back at least a few hundred years to the 11th Century, when a Star Sapphire and the entity known as the Predator attempted to have a "child" between them.

Following the death of the reigning Star Sapphire, another would be chosen by the Zamarons to take her place. In the late twentieth century, the Zamarons searched the universe for a successor until they found Carol Ferris of Earth.

Carol Ferris would have made a fine queen, except for her adoration of Green Lantern. The Zamarons sought out to prove to their proposed queen that Green Lantern was weak, and therefore not deserving of her attention. Through the music of a Zamaron organ, Ferris was transformed into the Star Sapphire, named after the gem that contained much of her power. She wore the sapphire in a tiara and was clothed in the traditional costumes for hunting and exploration.

Armed with the gemstone, Star Sapphire had the power of flight and a repelling ray. Ferris was telepathically induced to fight the emerald gladiator, despite her love for him.

In their first confrontation, Sapphire defeated Green Lantern, but Ferris believed it was by sheer chance. Determined to prove Green Lantern was weak, the Zamarons gave her another opportunity to defeat the hero. Though they increased her power, giving her the power of mind over matter and the ability to create objects out of thin air, Star Sapphire was defeated by the emerald gladiator in their second confrontation.

Disappointed by Ferris' failure to defeat Green Lantern, the Zamarons used their music to cause Ferris to forget all that had happened. They returned Ferris to her aircraft and left to continue their search for the next Star Sapphire.

Whether by design or accident, the Zamarons left behind the sapphire gem. Green Lantern found the sapphire and gave it to the Coast City police.
[GL2 # 16]

To Be Continued...

Green Lantern