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Green Lantern

Manhunter Android


HOMEWORLD: Oa, later Orinda

SECTORS: 1-3600

-Manhunter III/Mark Shaw, Grandmaster and Manhunter organization:
(August 1975)

-as related to the GL Corps:
(March, 1977)
"No Man Escapes the Manhunter!"

Oath: "No Evil Escapes the Manhunters!"

Summary: The Manhunter androids were the first attempt of the Guardians to maintain order in the universe. The Guardians thought with their tirelessness and objectivity of robots, they would make the best soldiers. For millenia, the Manhunters flawlessly performed their job armed with a "stun gun" and a rechargeable battery much like the ones that the Corps carry now.  Eventually the Manhunters revolted against the Oans in favor of their own brand of vigilante justice.  After a war that lasted a millenium, they attempted to steal the power from the Central Battery, but the Oans had sabotaged them. The power of the Central Battery was too much for the Manhunters to control.  The Oans soon exiled them to various sectors of space.

Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, had a run in with the Manhunters through the Controllers during which time they sent him through a gauntlet of horrific mindgames.  Because Kyle's ring was attuned to his genetic structure, the Manhunters eventually attempted to turn Kyle into a human antennae.  Even though they were successful in doing so, the Manhunters could not control the ring because they had no willpower.  Kyle soon thereafter defeated the Manhunters. Their whereabouts are now unknown...

Green Lantern