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Green Lantern

Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner

Real name: Guy Gardner

Owner/Manager of Warriors; Adventurer

Base of Operations:
New York City

Marital Status:

6' 0"




First Appearance:
GREEN LANTERN (second series) #59 (March, 1968)

When Green Lantern Abin Sur had to choose between Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan to succeed him, Jordan was closer and Guy seemed a mere footnote in history. Inevitably Guy became a member of the GL Corps, joined the Justice League and once proclaimed himself the one, true Green Lantern.

Though known as a hot-headed brawler, few questioned Guy's heroism, even when he wore the yellow ring of rogue GL Sinestro. When it was destroyed, it appeared Guy's super-heroing days were again over.

Yet, within him were genes of the extinct Vuldarian race, which granted him incredible powers once they manifested, including the ability to transform any part of his body into a weapon.

Now, Guy devotes most of his time to his super-hero-themed restaurant Warriors, where he and Sentinel (Alan Scott) meet with new Green Lantern Kyle Rayner to talk about their adventures.

Guy still loves a good scrap and is ready to help Earth's heroes should the need arise.

Guy recently retook his mantle as a member of the Green Lantern Corps when Parallax caused a power ring to fly onto his finger and Guy was transformed. After being cleansed of Parallax's influence by Ganthet, Guy helped defeat Parallax with the help of the other GLs. He is currently galavanting around various sectors of space wherever the Guardians say he is needed.

Guy Gardner

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Green Lantern