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Green Lantern



IDENTITY: Keith Kenyon

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Originally Coast City, California, now mobile

GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 38
(July, 1965)
"The Elixir of Invulnerability!"

Male Human
Height: 6' 2" (in armor approx. 7' 0")
Weight: 226 lbs. (in armor unknown)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, with white temples



Though his early life remains a mystery, it appears Keith Kenyon was a brilliant inventor. He discovered an amazing property of gold that had been in contact with sea water for at least a century. Subjecting the sea gold to a special ultraviolet light created a great energy source, which Kenyon synthesized as a golden elixir. When Kenyon drank this fluid he was endued with auric energy, making himself invulnerable.

Kenyon had plans of world conquest, dressing in a military uniform and organizing an army of henchmen. Based on a tiny island in the Hawaiian chain, Kenyon operated undetected as he looted undersea treasure.

Three of his henchmen came upon a sunken ship filled with chests of gold. Unfortunately, someone had found the gold first. Vacationing test pilot Hal Jordan was examining his find when he was ambushed. The criminals fired a dark chemical at the test pilot, a nerve toxin which caused Jordan's body to freeze up. The undersea thieves could not know they had also found Green Lantern.

The power ring absorbed the poisonous chemical into itself, preventing more damage to its wearer. It did not block a rifle butt to the back of Jordan's head, however. The helpless Jordan floated to the surface to be rescued by a couple in a speedboat.

In a Honolulu hospital, Jordan willed the power ring to cure himself from the chemicals' effect. It was a futile gesture. By ordering the ring to absorb the chemical, Jordan had made himself allergic to the power ring. He controlled the ring from a distance, ordering it to drain itself of the chemical. Once again willing himself cured, Jordan was successful and back in business as Green Lantern.

The emerald crusader tracked the treasure chests to Kenyon's hideout. Green Lantern faced the ring leader of the gang shortly after Kenyon had swallowed the elixir of invulnerability. The power ring was ineffective against Kenyon and, in fact, the villain enjoyed the challenge. Thinking up a way to outsmart his foe, Green Lantern mixed one part nitric acid with three parts hydrochloric acid to create aqua regia, or royal water, a chemical mixture that dissolves gold. Spraying the royal water on Kenyon caused the villain to lose his invincibility. One punch confirmed Green Lantern's theory.
[GL2 # 38]

Weeks later, Kenyon escaped from prison to rob a bank in Coast City. He created the "gold gun," a device that sprays a liquid gold polymer that can encase a victim in a gold shell.
[GL2 # 48]

The liquid gold is made by melting down gold at extreme temperatures (1064.58 degrees Celsius or 1948.28 degrees Fahrenheit). Then cold air is slowly applied to the liquid to cool the metal at an extremely slow rate. As the liquid gold cools, unprocessed ocean water is added to the gold along with liquefied Teflon. The new compound is thoroughly mixed and reheated until it is of a gooey consistency. The mixture is contained in a specially designed backpack unit, protected from air contact and kept at stable internal temperature, warm enough to keep the mixture from solidifying. The backpack is attached by a thick hose to a modified pistol through which the substance can be discharged under pressure to a distance of twenty feet. Upon contact with the air, the gold begins to harden almost immediately, encasing whatever it touches in a golden shell. Goldface had also modified his helmet to fire the gold mixture.
[DC TECHNICAL MANUAL, by Mayfair Games]

Now dressed in golden armor, Kenyon took the name Goldface. His first act was to spray the bank's night watchman with a gold polymer, freezing the guard like a statue. He left a message offering a trade for the life of the guard for that of Green Lantern. Goldface made his challenge through the unlikely broadcast system of the gold fillings of the residents of Coast City.

Green Lantern met Goldface's gang at the Coast City Museum. Without ever using his power ring, the emerald gladiator fought man-to-man against the criminals. A stone screen fell on their boss, keeping Goldface out of the action. Green Lantern corralled the gang without ever seeing Goldface.

Not to be outdone, Goldface issued another challenge. He would meet Green Lantern in a gold mine outside of Coast City. He prepared for the fight by flooding the tunnel walls with a special golden light. The gang of criminals were just as easy to fight as the others in the museum. Kenyon was much more difficult.

Green Lantern tried in vain to use the solution of royal water, only to find his enemy had planned for that attack. Goldface was much stronger with his gold spray, and the emerald hero was encased in a golden shell.

Goldface kept to his word, freeing the hapless bank guard from a golden death. Shortly after, Green Lantern broke through his own golden shell. The wily hero had created a pocket of solidified air around his body seconds before Goldface's golden spray hit. It was a simple matter of willing the power ring to turn that air pocket icy cold, making the gold brittle.

Green Lantern found Goldface had more tricks up his sleeve. The gold spray tank was just a ruse to cover the real goldmaker. Goldface's helmet fired sparks that created the golden shells.

The ring was useless against Goldface, as was Green Lantern's strength. The hero found a way around Goldface's invulnerability by molding a piece of gold around his fist like a boxing glove. A jab to Kenyon's midsection made him double over, sparks firing off at his legs. Green Lantern had enough time to find the releasing device on Goldface's helmet and treat the villain to a taste of his own medicine.

Keith Kenyon was brought to prison. Left in his cell, the auric energy of Goldface oozed out, transforming everything he touched into solid gold.
[GL2 # 48]

Once out of prison, Goldface laid low while building a criminal empire. On the outskirts of Coast City, Goldface found an unlikely assistant known as Stanley. The gawky assistant possessed some type of advanced mental power which Goldface intended to take advantage of.
[GL2 # 145, 148]

The Tattooed Man had inadvertently taken money belonging to Goldface. Stanley was used to track him down. The sailor managed to elude Goldface's gang, getting on board a plane bound for California. Though he was free for the moment, an unfortunate meeting with Green Lantern led to his downfall. The emerald crusader chased the Tattooed Man through Los Angeles, and in the seconds the Tattooed Man was out of Green Lantern's sight, Goldface's mob struck. The Tattooed Man was shot, and Green Lantern found the body.
[GL2 # 144]

Searching for clues in the mystery of the Tattooed Man, Green Lantern was flying over California when he had a hunch where he could find Goldface. He did not know the "hunch" was placed there by Stanley's powers. Green Lantern and Goldface battled, but the ring wielder was defeated.
[GL2 # 145]

Goldface called the criminal leadership of the West Coast for a meeting at his mansion. He wanted to bring the criminals together in a conclave powerful enough to defend itself against the H.I.V.E. and Skull, two organizations that were competing for criminal control of the East Coast.

To prove his capability as a leader, Goldface showed his prize possession, the caged Green Lantern. He would not take no for an answer, and Goldface forced Stanley to mentally persuade the gathered crooks to join with him. The power was very painful to Stanley, but Goldface would hear none of it. He belted his assistant, but could not go further due to the escape of Green Lantern. Goldface had a different request for Stanley.

After immobilizing Goldface for the police, Green Lantern was surprised he was to be arrested. Stanley had called the police, charging Green Lantern with breaking and entering. Janet Lynn, Goldface's attorney, demanded Green Lantern be arrested.
[GL2 # 146]

Working in a prison laundry, William Hand was contacted by Goldface. The crime lord promised Black Hand freedom if he killed Green Lantern. After the felon agreed, Goldface had the prison officials replaced.

Before being put into prison, Green Lantern commanded his ring to go to Tom Kalmaku. He could not risk the power ring falling into the wrong hands. Through the arrangement of Goldface's minions, Green Lantern shared a cell with Black Hand. Goldface had other allies, including Congressman Jason Bloch.
[GL2 # 145-146]

Without his power ring, Green Lantern was vulnerable to harm. A prison riot instigated by Black Hand turned on the powerless hero. Some of the guards were in on the riot, and they opened fire on Green Lantern.

Goldface's plan was running smoothly, except for one loose end. Stanley could not find Green Lantern's power ring. They did not know Tom Kalmaku was recharging the ring and sending it to its rightful master.

With the power ring, Green Lantern crushed Black Hand's power rod and stopped the riot. Carol Ferris' lawyer had worked to free Green Lantern, but the judge had taken a bribe to sentence Green Lantern. He would not say who paid him. Goldface's lawyer would not press charges against Green Lantern provided he did not harass her client. Though it frustrated him, Green Lantern was forced to abide by the ruling.
[GL2 # 147]

Goldface continued to take out his anger on Stanley, but he soon learned he had bitten off more than he could chew. The beleaguered assistant known as Stanley was actually St'nlli, a genetically altered Qwardian warrior. St'nlli destroyed Goldface's mansion and humiliated his former employer before resuming his mission to crush Green Lantern.
[GL2 # 148-149]

Hal Jordan was called off Earth by the Guardians of the Universe. He was to assist the world of Ungara which had fallen victim to an environmental catastrophe. St'nlli caught the Green Lantern and brought him to the antimatter universe of Qward.
[GL2 # 148-149]

While the ring wielder fought St'nlli and the Anti-Green Lantern Corps, his Earthbound enemies continued with their schemes. Jason Bloch had discovered Hal Jordan's identity as Green Lantern. His brother, Benjamin Bloch, had his men search Jordan and Carol Ferris' apartments for incriminating evidence linking the Bloch family to the sabotage of Ferris Aircraft.

Ted Bishop, an employee of Ferris Aircraft, was secretly being paid to spy on Carl Ferris. He discovered the elder Ferris had the evidence to use against Bloch.

Though Jordan was instrumental in the defeat of the Anti-Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians were not pleased. He had neglected his role as Green Lantern for his personal life on Earth. Hal Jordan was to be exiled from his homeworld for one year.
[GL2 # 150]

Green Lantern returned to tell Carol Ferris of his upcoming exile. He was met by Goldface's henchmen, who delayed the emerald crusader until their boss arrived.

The mortal enemies fought for hours, each stalemated by the other's strengths. Goldface revealed his involvement with Benjamin Bloch, and his knowledge of Hal Jordan's dual identity, spurring Green Lantern to immobilize the villain while he rescued Carl Ferris. Jordan promised to deal with Goldface another day.
[GL2 # 151]

Goldface expanded his criminal eastward, adding new cities along the way. Most of the local syndicate bosses fell in line, but Central City was one of the few exceptions. Goldface made an example of crime boss Mugsy Malone and moved in on the Midwestern city.

The powerful criminal knew he could not rule Central City while the Flash was around. His henchmen abducted Mick Rory, the former supervillain known as Heat Wave, to gain an edge on the Scarlet Speedster. Word was out that Rory knew the secret identity of the Flash and Goldface wanted to use that knowledge to defeat Central City's protector. The armored villain gave little choice to Heat Wave, and listened to Goldface's threats on his life but escaped his clutches to find safety at Barry Allen's apartment.

The home of a police scientist was the last place criminals would think to look, and Goldface grew frustrated with the results of the search. He decided to take matters into his own hands.

Goldface took a more active role in his quest to beat the Flash. He tore up a police precinct to attract the Flash's attention. His golden armor rendered Flash's superspeed punches useless. Goldface's strength enabled him to hold the scarlet speedster and deliver a devastating punch. He warned the Flash never to be seen on the streets again.
[FLASH # 315]

Though the Flash returned to fight Goldface, there was nothing he could do to stop the crime lord's plans. Goldface upped the ante by killing police officers. Sgt. Jack O'Malley was executed by a high-velocity bolt of a high-density gold alloy. If the Scarlet Speedster was seen on the streets again, Goldface would order further executions of Central City's finest.

The crimelord was not finished with Heat Wave. His henchmen caught the reformed villain after Heat Wave's latest weapon exploded in his face. Brought back to Goldface's hideout, Heat Wave was revealed to be the Flash. The Scarlet Speedster had duped the criminals into bring him to Goldface's lair.

The fight plunged into a nearby lake where Goldface had the advantage. The Flash's superspeed did little damage to his enemy, Goldface's armor protected him and gave him an internal air supply. The Flash was left for dead, anchored to the bottom of the lake. Goldface returned to the surface to find himself hunted by Central City's other costumed protector, the murderous Eradicator [ED- No relation to the Superman character of the same name].
[FLASH # 316]

The golden armor protected the villain from the Eradicator's organic disintegration touch, but his strength was needed to defeat the vigilante. The Eradicator was backed against a tree which he could alter to an acid foam to melt Goldface's armor. The crimelord burrowed through the ground, making his way back to his mansion.

The Flash had played possum beneath the surface of the lake, and waited for Goldface to leave before he escaped from the would-be death trap. The Scarlet Speedster was in a race against time to find Goldface before the Eradicator.

The armored villain found the Flash first, he tried to blast the hero with a golden heat weapon. The Flash threw Goldface into the path of his own weapon, knocking the fight out of him. Goldface's armor was cracked, leaving him easy prey for the Eradicator. The Flash saved the villain's life by creating a speed vortex to whisk the deadly toxins intended for the unconscious Goldface. The criminal was in jail soon after.
[FLASH # 317]

Goldface was freed from prison by Guy Gardner. Believing himself to be "the one true Green Lantern", Gardner planned to create an army of supervillains to stage an assault on Qward. Despite his resignation from the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan was given a power ring to aid Guy Gardner.
[GL2 # 197]

Their objective was to destroy the white spot on the dark moon of Qward. In theory, this would cripple the Anti-Monitor's power. The small army was set upon by the Weaponers of Qward. Things got worse as the villains were pinned between the Qwardian Thunderers and the Green Lantern Corps.

The emerald warriors were sent to stop Gardner's plan, which would unintentionally only add to the Anti-Monitor's vast power. Goldface was ordered to stop by Green Lantern Tomar-Re of Xudar, but the villain did not pay heed. Tomar-Re's life was taken by Goldface.
[GL2 # 198]

The universe was spared from the designs of the Anti-Monitor, but the villains did not feel any gratitude to Gardner. They learned of Gardner's flawed plan and swore vengeance against the errant Green Lantern. They could not strike in Qward, but they would wait for another opportunity.

Some of the villains returned to Earth or their respective homeworlds. Goldface and Lurlan Dupo had each killed a Green Lantern and went out to celebrate. They were hunted down by Green Lanterns Arisia of Graxos IV, Ch'p of H'Lven, and Salakk of Slyggia.

Lurlan Dupo proved an easy capture, but Goldface was trickier. Even aided by Hal Jordan, the Green Lanterns fought for over ninety minutes, tiring the villain. When the time was right, Jordan collapsed the entire ceiling of the club on Goldface.
[GL2 # 199]

Lurlan Dupo, Plasma Fig, Goldface, and many others were brought to Oa to be imprisoned in the Oan Sciencells. With these and other tasks complete, the Guardians of the Universe and the Zamarons left our universe.
[GL2 # 200]

With the exception of Sinestro, the Oan Sciencells were escape proof. The renegade Green Lantern refused to free the other prisoners.
[GLCA # 2]

The Sciencell prisoners got their chance to escape after the trial and execution of Sinestro. The Central Power Battery had begun to implode, reabsorbing the power rings and opening the Sciencells. Goldface led the freed villains against the powerless Green Lanterns.
[GL2 # 223]

While the Corps fought the criminals, Goldface found his weaponry. Kilowog, Katma Tui and John Stewart tried to set Goldface's surroundings on fire, to melt his golden armor. The villain was too quick for Stewart, and he covered the Green Lantern in a golden shell.

Katma Tui attended to Stewart while Goldface joined in Myrwhydden's escape. The evil mage had created a space-bound barge, but their ship was overturned by Salakk. Goldface's helmet fell into the hands of Kilowog who used it to free Stewart. Myrwhydden whipped up a sandstorm to keep the Green Lanterns at bay.

Meanwhile, Hal Jordan had entered the Central Power Battery and halted the complete collapse of the Green Lanterns' power source. Returning to his comrades, Jordan was the last of the Green Lanterns with a working power ring. His ring transformed the ground of Oa into prison walls. The escapees were later returned to their cells.
[GL2 # 224]

The Green Lanterns returned to their homeworlds. Appa Ali Apsa remained on Oa as the sole caretaker of the ancient battery. Over the months the isolation slowly drove him insane. He started in on the prisoners, forcing mind merges and killing them out of spite.

Goldface offered to recruit people to keep the insane Guardian company. Appa Ali Apsa freed some of the convicts who made the same deal. Goldface rounded up his old rivals but never heard from the Guardian again.

A number of Sciencell prisoners made the journey to Earth with Goldface. He kept the alien villains hidden while he planned an interstellar crime empire which would wipe out his old enemies, the H.I.V.E. Goldface required a front man for the operation and used carnival psychic Kari Limbo to call on Green Lantern Guy Gardner.

Goldface offered the opportunity of unlimited action and power in exchange for Gardner's services. The Green Lantern would provide strength and information to Goldface's organization without drawing attention to it.

Gardner resented the offer and hit Goldface. The two combatants tore up the carnival, destroying a roller coaster and other attractions. Goldface retaliated with his gold gun, but hit two children when the Green Lantern dodged the spray.

Goldface's gang arrived with yellow rubber bullets, intending to capture Gardner. They caught the Green Lantern by surprise, managing to knock him out of the sky before they were taken out of action by Gardner. Goldface moved in on Gardner, and anything the Green Lantern threw at him was shrugged off by the villain.

Another "Green Lantern", G'nort, arrived to help Gardner. The Green Lanterns had no grounds to arrest Goldface. The villain had been released from his Sciencell by a Guardian and had acted in self defense in his fight with Gardner. Goldface was quick to point out the Green Lantern had continued to fight, rather than stay to help the victims. The armored villain had dissolved the gold shell covering the two children he had accidentally blasted with the gold gun. Gardner would have let them suffocate while he continued to fight. As Goldface left he taunted Gardner and the Green Lantern's subservience to the Guardians of the Universe. Gardner had to let Goldface walk away.
[GL3 # 18]

In the weeks to come, Goldface moved in on the Las Vegas crime scene. He was surprised to find himself visited again by Guy Gardner. The former Green Lantern did not have the power of the emerald ring, but he did carry plenty of guns and ammunition. Gardner meant to payback Goldface for the humiliation he suffered in their last encounter. Unfortunately for Gardner, his losses were compounded by another defeat at Goldface's hands. Without his power ring, Gardner was only a minor nuisance to the golden crimelord. Goldface let the former Green Lantern escape into the desert.
[GGR # 1]

Goldface moved back to the West Coast, content to hide his operation in an abandoned mineshaft until he was ready. Once he had settled for control of the West Coast, now Goldface planned to expand into the universe. He allied himself with a few of his fellow Sciencell escapees:
[GL3 # 26]

Repo. Sneak thief and interstellar collection agent with great speed, agility and heightened senses.

Jocasta. Sadistic assassin and spy.

Piston. Extremely powerful mechanical creature, sorely lacking in intelligence.

Evil Star. Hundreds of years old, Evil Star had given up his humanity for power. Together they were allies in a burgeoning interstellar criminal empire.

Though Evil Star was the most powerful of Goldface's allies, he was the most unstable. The cosmic criminal's hunger for stellar power jeopardized the gang's secrecy. When his Starlings discovered Green Lantern had returned to Earth, Evil Star saw his opportunity to feed his hunger for the life giving stars.

Goldface's plans could not tolerate any disruption. Evil Star took this as a challenge and a fight ensued between him and Goldface's allies. The crimelord was disgusted by their brawling and separated the gang. He was forced to start monitoring Green Lantern's activities. Unfortunately, Evil Star already had plans in that direction.

The Starlings followed Hal Jordan to his motel room and found the power battery. They split into dozens of smaller Starlings and made off with the battery before Green Lantern could recharge.
[GG # 7, GL3 # 27]

The battery was brought to Evil Star's side, infuriating Goldface. He did not want Green Lantern's attention and tried to take the battery away from the cosmic criminal. Evil Star blasted Goldface with the energy of the battery, but it had no effect due to Goldface's armor. The alien's star-power was highly effective against Goldface, collapsing part of the cave on his armored head.

Repo, Jocasta, and Piston were called in to dig through the cave-in and take the power battery. The alien conman, Repo, had a better idea. He could smell Evil Star through the rock between them and suggested smashing through the mountain from the outside. A low flying plane forced the criminals to run back into the mineshaft to avoid detection.

Though he was without power for his ring, Hal Jordan tracked Evil Star to the abandoned mine hideout. Goldface was suspicious but apparently did not recognize his old foe without the jade and jet uniform. Jordan claimed knowledge of the Green Lantern Corps, offering to show the criminals how to use the battery of power.

Evil Star freed himself from the safety of the rocks, demanding the stranger tell him what he knew about Green Lantern. Crazed by the very chance of gaining stellar energy, Evil Star gave the battery to Jordan. Goldface tried to stop Jordan from getting the battery but was blocked by the Starlings. The ring was partially charged, enough to defeat Evil Star before Green Lantern blacked out. Goldface and his gang took the opportunity to escape.
[GL3 # 28]

After his dismissal from the Green Lantern Corps and a search for the yellow ring of Sinestro, Guy Gardner returned to Earth, more powerful than ever. He found himself with a publicist who advised the hero to take down an infamous crime figure. Gardner decided on Goldface.

The publicist whipped up media frenzy by planting articles in the news. Gardner would take on Goldface. This did not sit well with the crime lord, who ordered an assassination attempt on Gardner's life.

Following the fortune telling abilities of Kari Limbo, Guy Gardner went to Las Vegas in search of Goldface. He and his friend Sally had a run-in with Hal Jordan and Tom Kalmaku, each ring wielder vowed to capture Goldface before the other could.

Goldface received word of Gardner's arrival, but not Jordan's. Gardner was sent to a trap in McTeague's Corner in Death Valley. Piston was on hand to deal with Gardner. Though the ex-Green Lantern triumphed against the mechanical villain, Repo was disguised as an old prospector and managed to steal the ring right off of Gardner's finger.
[GG # 6]

Goldface's alien allies took Gardner's power ring and brought the hero back to their hideout, an experimental desalination plant on the Mexican coast. From the plant, Goldface planned on extracting the near limitless amounts of gold from the sea. He wanted to throw the world economy into chaos and place himself as rightful ruler.

Gardner offered to use the ring in Goldface's service in exchange for his life, but the villains' growing ability with the ring made Gardner's deal unnecessary. Goldface did not know Gardner was controlling the ring from a distance, breaking the criminal's hold on the ring's power. The villains squabbled over the ring, eventually Goldface claimed it for himself. The yellow ring still did not work well, and Goldface was forced to spare Gardner's life.

Goldface wanted Gardner to prove himself trustworthy by killing his friend, Sally. It appeared Gardner had indeed followed Goldface's orders, but in actuality, Sally was still alive. Sally appeared dead, but Jordan arrived moments afterwards. Goldface believed Gardner and Jordan had been working together and swore to kill the ex-Green Lantern. Using the yellow ring, Goldface fired a blast of energy but missed Gardner and hit his gold ionizer instead. Goldface was covered in gold, like many of his victims had been.

Jordan wanted to take Goldface and his gang back to Oa for trial, but Gardner objected. The ex-Green Lantern no longer served the Guardians or the Green Lantern Corps, he decided Goldface and company would face justice on Earth. Jordan reluctantly agreed.
[GG # 7]

The alliance Goldface made with Repo did not last much longer. The interstellar conman was fed up with Goldface's failed schemes. It did not matter to Guy Gardner, the former Green Lantern parlayed his victory to boost his popularity in the media.
[GG # 8]

Time went on with Goldface still behind bars. He was waiting for a prisoner transfer to the Slab when Dementor struck. The Vuldarian demon and mortal enemy of Guy Gardner fed upon the evil of the inmates in Blackgate Prison. There were no reports of deaths related to the attack, how Goldface fared has yet to be revealed.
[GG # 29]

Green Lantern