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Green Lantern

Evil Star

Evil Star

IDENTITY: unknown

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Formerly Aoran in Space Sector 2814, now mobile

GREEN LANTERN 2nd series # 37
[June, 1965)
"The Plot to Conquer the Universe!"

Male human
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

KNOWN RELATIVES: unnamed wife (deceased), unnamed son (deceased)


On the far off world of Aoran, a brilliant scientist found a way to cheat death by the creation of a device called the Starband. The device gave the scientist great power by channeling the energies of the stars themselves. He wore the starband for more than the power, the starband prolonged his lifespan. An unfortunate side effect of the starband was the mental deterioration which grew when ever he wore it. The stellar energy could be turned into force blasts or hard light constructs similar to a Green Lantern's power ring.

The scientist committed many malevolent acts across Aoran, the reasons did not matter. He terrorized the people of his world as the starband pushed him to create destruction. Evil Star laughed as his wife and son grew old and died while he remained young. He had, at times, taken off the starband, shunning its corrupting ways, but the fear of death always drove him back to the power he could command. Eventually, the Aorans had enough of Evil Star. They gathered their forces but Evil Star annihilated them. The Aoran cities were burnt to the ground, six million people died. Deep within Evil Star, he wished he had lost.
[GL2 # 159]

After he had decimated Aoran, Evil Star set his sights to the rest of the universe. With the help of his starbands, he studied the Green Lanterns. Evil Star feared the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps, they would oppose his plans. He created the Starlings, invulnerable beings to assist his plan to conquer the universe. The Starlings were virtually mindless, he feared they would turn on him otherwise. In as much as he feared the Starlings, Evil Star was lonely. When the Green Lanterns were neutralized, the Starlings could conquer worlds virtually unopposed.
[GL2 # 37]

Always craving stellar energy, Evil Star had his servants plant a device in Earth's sun. It would take years before it would cause the sun to go nova so he could feast upon the stellar energy.
[GL2 # 131]

Travelling through space sector 2814 on his way to Oa, Green Lantern Hal Jordan of Earth found his course altered. He was drawn to a world in the Acrux star system by the power of the starband. Evil Star and his servants attacked the Green Lantern with their stellar energy.

Jordan noticed Evil Star would pause after each attack while the Starlings struck. He correctly surmised the villain needed a few seconds to recover from the action. Unfortunately, this was of little use to the Emerald Warrior, the touch of the Starlings drained off the force of his power ring.

Evil Star took Jordan's ring and left him trapped in a bell jar formed by the starband. He would go to Oa disguised as Green Lantern to confront the Guardians.

Even without his power ring, Jordan was sharper than Evil Star gave him credit for. He hypnotized the Starlings, commanding one of them to take him to Oa. Presumably the Starling created a forcefield to shield Jordan from the rigors of space travel.

Posing as Green Lantern, Evil Star used his starband to probe and then paralyze the Guardians. He learned of the location of the Central Battery, it was on Oa itself.

Evil Star was surprised by Jordan's arrival. He expanded the power ring to titanic proportions. The ring exploded, but Jordan used the Starling as a shield. He took advantage of Evil Star's momentary distraction with a solid left hook. Evil Star could not risk using the starband because Jordan would use the precious seconds to overwhelm him. In the hand-to-hand fight, Jordan battered the villain senseless. He stripped Evil Star of the starband and revived the Guardians.

The Guardians gave Jordan a new power ring to replace the one Evil Star had destroyed. The would-be conqueror was imprisoned by the Guardians.
[GL2 # 37]

Evil Star did not let on that he had another, invisible starband beneath the first. He used the power to alter himself, he would no longer be caught off guard during those few seconds he used his power. Evil Star controlled the Guardians once more. The Aoran scientist negated the power of the Central Battery with his starband and sent a projection to Earth to attack Green Lantern. Evil Star momentarily restored the battery's power to allow Jordan to recharge his ring for the trip to Oa.

Once again Evil Star took Jordan's ring and caused it to explode. Jordan ran from the Guardians' chambers with Evil Star in pursuit. The villain tried smothering Jordan with a dissolving gas but it had no effect. Evil Star discovered Jordan had another power ring. Evil Star destroyed that too but instigated Oa's defensive forcefield which cut off his supply of stellar radiation. Jordan easily bested the villain.

Green Lantern was given yet another ring. The ring he used to defeat Evil Star was the same ring Evil Star had destroyed in their first encounter. Jordan had reassembled it and recharged it on the way to Oa.
[GL2 # 44]

Some years later, Jordan was to test an experimental pressure suit for Ferris Aircraft. He was delayed by his double life as Green Lantern. The sun had flared, bathing Earth in a golden light. Green Lantern's ring was powerless during the flare up. It had happened twice, each time an hour apart. Green Lantern travelled to the sun to investigate.

He discovered the flare ups were the handiwork of Evil Star. It had taken the Starlings years to find their master after his last imprisonment by the Guardians. Evil Star had gone to Earth's solar system to reap the power of the device he had placed in the sun.

Jordan used the pressure suit to evade the effect of the next flare up. Despite his survival, Green Lantern could not enter the sun to destroy the device. Using Evil Star's servants, Jordan threw the Starlings at the mechanism. The invulnerable Starlings demolished the device, the sun would not go nova. Without the stellar power, Evil Star withered, his ancient age rapidly catching up with him.
[GL2 # 131]

Green Lantern brought Evil Star and his Starlings to Oa. The Guardians imprisoned Evil Star in his true age, in a green sphere and left him to wander the universe, helpless. The Starlings were in a separate sphere, unable to reach their master.
[GL2 # 131, 159]

The Guardians' battle against the extra-dimensional entity of Nekron and his servant, the former Guardian Krona, put a great strain on the Oans' power. The green energy that was holding the Starlings weakened, allowing them to escape. Once free, they rescued their master from his energy prison.
[TGLC # 1-3, GL2 # 159]

Evil Star returned to Aoran to regain his power. A giant black hand eclipsed the stars themselves as Evil Star absorbed the stellar energy. This caught the attention of the star travelling Hal Jordan who had been banished from Earth for a year as a disciplinary action of the Guardians.
[GL2 # 151, 159]

The Starlings struck at Jordan before turning the stellar energy upon their master. Evil Star was made young again, at the peak of his powers. Green Lantern's fight with the Starlings wasn't going well, so the emerald warrior disguised himself as a Starling to get close enough to Evil Star. He separated Evil Star from his servants and battered him with the power ring. Unconscious, Evil Star could not control the Starlings, they went to sleep.

Green Lantern mentally probed Evil Star and learned of his enemy's tragic past. It was a brief respite from battle, Evil Star soon awoke. The stellar radiation he absorbed caused him to glow yellow, against which Green Lantern's ring was ineffectual.

The radiation Evil Star possessed would allow him to change all in the universe to evil. The Green Lantern Corps would be overwhelmed by the forces against them. Jordan convinced Evil Star to take him instead. The villain found this an intriguing notion and agreed, the Green Lantern was twisted to serve evil.

Green Lantern and Evil Star attacked an inhabited world for their amusement. The villain suggested Jordan destroy a dam which would flood a nearby city, killing thousands. Green Lantern created a jackhammer to do the work, but he froze. Thoughts of his friends came to him, Carol Ferris, Tom Kalmaku, and Abin Sur's voices echoed in his mind. Memories of his friends gave Jordan the resolve to break free of Evil Star's influence. Green Lantern turned the tables on Evil Star, knocking the villain out with a solid punch.

The emerald crusader pulled apart the weaponry circuits of the villain's starband before wrapping Evil Star with his invulnerable Starlings. Green Lantern's powerful foe was left to drift in the stars, encased in a bubble of emerald energy.
[GL2 # 159]

Aoran was later settled by "the Freeminds," refugees from the planet Garon.
[GL2 # 162]

After the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths, Evil Star fought alongside an army of villains. They had attempted to seize control of three alternate Earths, but ultimately failed.
[CIE # 9]

After the Crisis had passed, the Guardians of the Universe ordered the Green Lantern Corps to round up a number of cosmic criminals. They were imprisoned in the sciencells of Oa. Presumably, Evil Star was among the sciencells' newest occupants.
[GL2 # 199-200]

A few months after the departure of Guardians, the Green Lantern Corps captured the former Green Lantern Sinestro. The renegade had escaped the Oan sciencells with the sentient Sector 3600 and caused destruction and genocide on a galactic scale.
[GLCA # 2, GL2 # 217-219]

Sinestro was brought to Oa to face trial by the assembled Green Lanterns. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. This action led to the implosion of the Central Power Battery and the reabsorbtion of virtually all the power rings of the Green Lanterns. With the green energy cut off, the sciencells were opened allowing a massive prison break.

Hal Jordan halted the implosion, which saved his power ring. The Sciencell escapees were recaptured and locked away. Appa Ali Apsa chose to remain on Oa to tend the remains of the Central Battery.
[GL2 # 222-224]

Over time, the isolation from his brother Guardians took its toll on the lone Oan. Those captives that were not killed by the insane Guardian Appa Ali Apsa were let loose upon the universe. Evil Star was among these prisoners, he joined Goldface on Earth.
[GL2 # 199-200, GL3 # 18]

Far from the life-giving stars, the villain was in great pain. He needed the power from the galactic core. When his Starlings discovered Green Lantern had returned to Earth, Evil Star saw his opportunity.

The Starlings followed Hal Jordan to his motel room and found the power battery. They split into dozens of smaller Starlings and made off with the battery before Green Lantern could recharge.
[GL3 # 27]

Goldface was infuriated by Evil Star. His burgeoning interstellar criminal empire was at risk by the presence of Green Lantern. Evil Star blasted Goldface with the energy of the battery, but it had no effect.

Without power, Jordan tracked Evil Star to the abandoned mine hideout. Goldface apparently didn't recognize his old foe without the jade and jet uniform. Jordan claimed knowledge of the Green Lantern Corps, he offered to show the criminals how to use the battery of power.

Crazed by the very chance of gaining stellar energy, Evil Star gave the battery to Jordan. Goldface was suspicious and tried to stop Jordan from getting the battery. The ring was partially charged, enough to defeat Evil Star before Green Lantern blacked out. Goldface and his gang took the opportunity to escape.
[GL3 # 27-28]

Green Lantern brought Evil Star to the Guardians for imprisonment. The Guardians sent the villain to a community that specialized in separating addicts from their addictions.
[GLCQ # 2]

He was later transferred to the low security Erral Rehabilitation Facility. As prisoner G-111, Evil Star had been making tremendous progress in renouncing his malevolent identity. His hunger for immortality and power was giving way to feelings of guilt and remorse. An experimental brainwave restrictor was placed on the prisoner to dampen conscious activity and prevent him from contacting his Starlings.

The prototype of the restrictor sometimes had the unwanted effect of spurring unconscious mental activity. Unfortunately, this held true for the experimental model. The Starlings were reactivated and guided in the theft of the Starband, which was being examined at the Claxor Research Facility. They brought the starband straight to Erral. The prisoner took advantage of the Starlings' arrival to steal a star cruiser.
[DSTAR # 3-4]

After his escape, Evil Star sent out a distress signal to a NEMO vessel. He was terrified of the Starlings who were following him since Erral. The NEMO vessel was destroyed, with all hands lost. Evil Star sought to return to Earth, dimly aware of Green Lantern.

The Darkstars contacted operative Ferrin Colos to warn him of Evil Star's impending arrival on Earth. Colos chose two Earthmen as his deputies to help fight the latest threat.

The escaped prisoner had counted on Green Lantern to fight the Starlings, but without the emerald gladiator, Evil Star took over his shattered psyche.
[DSTAR # 3]

He was torn by the effects of his rehabilitation. The confused villain was terrified by his own actions. The Darkstars could not match Evil Star's power, they had to try another tactic.

A narrowcast of information and images was sent from the Darkstars ship's computer on the same frequency as Evil Star's brainwave restrictor. He was flooded by grief as the computer pumped reminders of the death and destruction he committed. Evil Star was taken back into custody.
[DSTAR # 4]

A Darkstar had been transporting Evil Star's starband when he was overwhelmed by interstellar slavers. The Starlings brought the starband to their master.
[GG # 35]

Since his last imprisonment, NEMO improved the brainwave restrictor. Evil Star could no longer remember who he was. NEMO did not consider someone even more powerful than their prisoner would bypass the brainwave restrictor. Evil Star heard the voice of Neron calling across the void. He was able to pull the restrictor off of himself and summon his Starlings.

The Starlings found the starband on the fortified asteroid controlled by the slavers. Evil Star found something more... Darkstar Ferrin Colos and Guy Gardner.
[DSTAR # 36]

Colos and Gardner had reached the asteroid before Evil Star. They were there to rescue scores of Green Lanterns that had been caught by the slavers. After the rescue, they would take on Evil Star, but the villain had already retrieved the starband.
[DSTAR # 37]

The details of Evil Star's deal with Neron have yet to be revealed. The Starlings themselves appeared to have been altered. They had become more numerous, but also more vicious, and they were no longer invulnerable. In the end, the Starlings and their master were defeated. Colos returned Evil Star to confinement.
[GG # 37]

With the withdrawal of the Controllers' energy and the subsequent breakup of the Darkstar organization, Evil Star's current fate is unknown.

Green Lantern