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Green Lantern


Real name: Sinestro
Occupation: Ex-Green Lantern
Base of Operations: Qward, in the Antimatter Universe
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 203
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN (second series) #7 (July-August, 1961)

Sinestro of Korugar, custodian of space sector 1417, was regarded as an unparalleled Green Lantern, and selected to instruct Hal Jordan in the use and mastery of his power ring. Ironically, Korugar was a world oppressed by its own watchman as Sinestro felt order should be enforced with fear and intimidation. Seeing this, the Guardians of the Universe stripped Sinestro of his power ring and banished him to the antimatter universe of Qward.

Armed with a yellow power ring supplied by the Qwardian Weaponers, a vengeful Sinestro sowed destruction across the universe, becoming Hal Jordan's greatest foe. In a final reign of mayhem, Sinestro raided Oa to destroy the great Central Power Battery but was discorporated and trapped within. There, Sinestro resided wraith-like until the Guardians resurrected him to defend Oa from the power-seeking Hal Jordan. Jordan bested the Korugarian in single combat, snapping Sinestro's neck, seemingly ending his defiance forever.

Now with the events of Rebirth unfolding, it seems that Sinestro never died at all. Instead, that body was a construct of the Parallax entity, made of living fear. This is the same entity that is the source of power for Sinestro's yellow ring. He is currently assaulting Kyle and Green Arrow in the watchtower. It seems that, being more of a mastermind than ever, it was Sinestro that was responsible for releasing Parallax from the Central Battery...

After a gruesome Battle with Kyle, Hal held Sinestro off to a standstill until Sinestro's ring cracked under the pressure of the battle between the two rings. Sinestro told Jordan that he hadn't seen the last of him and faded off to Qward, the Anti-matter universe.

Green Lantern