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Green Lantern


Real name: Ganthet
Occupation: Guardian of the Universe
Base of Operations: OA
Marital Status: Single
Height: 3' 5"
Weight: 135
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
First Appearance: GANTHET'S TALE (1992)

Ganthet is a member of the Guardians of the Universe, a race of diminutive, blue-skinned beings, who gathered together sentients from across the universe, known as the Green Lantern Corps, to combat evil. The Corps served the Guardians for uncounted millennia.
When Hal Jordan absorbed the Main Power Battery of Oa, Ganthet became the last Guardian, charged with bestowing the last power ring.

He gave it to freelance artist Kyle Rayner but later reneged, claiming he was unworthy. When Hal Jordan returned, intent on reestablishing himself as Green Lantern, Ganthet gathered Earth's mightiest heroes to battle him. When they failed, Ganthet offered himself to Jordan, who then drew Ganthet's essence inside himself.
On a recent trip to the 30th century, Kyle Rayner was incapacitated. Ganthet reappeared and gave the ring for a short time to Cary Wren, Kyle's descendant.

Now the sole adult occupant of a renewed planet Oa, Ganthet is responsible for raising a new generation of Guardians of the Universe to adulthood.

Ganthet's actions as of late have been rather suspicious with his seeming assassination of Kyle during his final confrontation with Amon Sur.  Some suspect that he may even have been setting the stage for the return of another Green Lantern... Whatever his motives may be, he has taken over as leader of the new Guardians of the Universe, the organization (now male AND female) that strive to bring order to a chaotic universe.

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Green Lantern